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Rimini and surroundings

Rimini is truly a multi-faceted place. During your stay in our 3-star hotel in Miramare you will have the possibility to discover Rimini and all it offers.
Hotel Hollywood invites you to get to know our city, not only from a maritime point of view (the beaches are just beautiful, nothing to say!) but also from a historical and cultural point of view.
Rimini boasts a millennial history that can be well understood through the streets and squares of the historic center.
You will be able to walk along the Rimini Romana through the famous Ponte di Tiberius, the Arch of Augustus and the Roman Amphitheatre.
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You may even go further back in history and enter the home of an ancient surgeon who lived there in the second half of the 2nd century AD.
Do not miss the great Piazza Cavour and Piazza Tre Martiri filled with many shops and famous brands.
Finally, the recently renovated wonderful Galli Theatre and the Fulgor Cinema are worth visiting.
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A magical hinterland

Just outside the city, the hinterland will introduce you to truly magical and appealing places. It starts from the many medieval villages present, many of which boast the recognition among the most beautiful villages in Italy such as the splendid Verucchio, cradle of the Malatesta family, San Leo, fortress where the alchemist Cagliostro was imprisoned, the imposing Republic of San Marino and the charming castle of Montebello.
There are many possibilities for daily excursions: these places are really only a few kilometers from the city!
We are available to organize the most beautiful and inevitable excursions for you at Hotel Hollywood.
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The realm of cyclists

Our hinterland offers real gems to be experienced by bike lovers. Our place is in fact one of the most renowned by cyclists thanks to the many paths and breathtaking views that you run into as soon as you raise your head.
The area is perfect for any form challenge for both expert and less experienced cyclists, from "lighter" trails such as the cycle/pedestrian track that follows the entire Marecchia river from Rimini, to the tougher ones that climb along our hills. Seeing is believing!
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New Year's Eve 2024 in Rimini
Special Dinner, New Year;s Eve and entertainment for everyone!
Valid from 29/12/2023 to 03/01/2024
From 479€ for the total length of stay

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